Yeonmi Park’s Journey to Discovering Freedom

Yeonmi Park was just another stereotype told teenager in North Korea before March of 2007 when her life took an entirely different turn. She had become accustomed to the sights of violence, death and despair in her hometown.


The government of North Korea under Kim Jong Il were the antagonists of the day during Yeonmi’s troubled childhood. Her family would go without food and water for prolonged periods. Rationing of essential resources was a common thing and their every step was monitored by the authorities. Ms. Park sums it up in a Reason TV interview as a nightmare of a terrible childhood.


It also happens that the North Korean government took part in a propagandist war to brainwash its masses to hate other global states such as the United States. The war founds its way to school curriculums and national radio and television. Therefore, children like Yeonmi developed a very shallow view of life, its value, how the world works and above all freedom.


Yeonmi Park tells her story shattered by tears and pain. It has made her a global icon especially the lobbyist and feminist movements. She even admits she was never exposed to the real world let alone the concept of freedom or peace. Ms. Park compounded her story in her new Amazon best selling book titled “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom” as published in a blog on


When the going got tough for Yeonmi’s family, they escaped towards neighboring China. She would encounter more hostility as Chinese authorities captured refugees and deported them back to North Korea. Her family knew capture would result in death. Yeonmi and her mother underwent rape and humiliation. Another survival story reveals their escape from China through the cruel Gobi Desert towards South Korea.


She now travels the world lobbying for support from governments and the humanitarian sector towards the plight of her people. She uses her life experience as a shining light to the dark and secluded country where successive governments have oppressed citizens for almost five decades. Her new mission in life has however led to a controversial clash with the regime in North Korea.

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