Yeonmi Park Talks about the Miseries of Her Family in North Korea

Yeonmi Park is a human rights activist and a North Korean defector who has been talking about the oppressive acts of the government of her birth country to the poor especially refugees. She escaped from her country in 2007 and today, she has sought refuge in South Korea having lived in China during the time she went into exile.

Park’s family was part of the group that was seen as the ruling elite in her country. Park has embarked on a mission to speak for the poor, oppressed, and the mistreated in the community. She is a reporter, activist, and speaker who appears as a celebrity in various talk shows as well as TV programs. She mainly advocates for the less fortune especially refugees in North Korea.

The fame of Park was found when she delivered a heart-touching speech at One Young World 2014 Summit, which took place in Dublin, Ireland. This is an annual summit, which brings together young people coming from around the globe to voice out issues and develop solutions to such issues affect the global scene and population.

In the event, she gave an account about the experience she went through when she was in North Korea and after the family left the county. The speech attracted a massive viewership of more than 2 million views in the social media channel called YouTube.

Looking at her early life, Park was born in North Korea, a place called Hyesan in Ryanggang in October 1993. Her father worked at Hyesan town hall while the mother was serving as a nurse in the North Korean Army. The family resided in Hyesan until 2002. She moved to live together with the father at Pyongyang where he was running businesses.

In most of the Park’s childhood period, the family was regarded as wealthy. However, this face of the family later changed, and it entered some of the most trying moments in life. Park has had to go through painful moments together with the family.

The trouble set in when the father went to prison for being branded as an illegal trader. He was accused of involving himself in illegal business. The father of Park was subjected to hard labor when in prison. Park realized the oppressive actions of the government of North Korea after she watched a DVD of Titanic movie. This was a pirated DVD, and it changed her views regarding Kim Dynasty.

Park’s father was later released and reunited with the family. He asked the family to begin planning on how they would escape to China to seek refuge there. They left North Korea and traveled through China and later, they were helped to relocate to South Korea where she now lives. The father died during those times they were escaping from North Korea. Her mother was also raped in times of escape.

Today, Park has appeared in various media as she responds to interviews seeking to know much about her activist life and what she plans to do. Her account on the life the family has lived has left many touched.

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