Woman With Fake Third Breast Arrested For DUI

Jasmine Tridevil is a 21-year-old lady, who is also a troublemaker. She is always going off making up stories and lying, if you will, about incidents that have occurred. Jasmine Tridevil. Many may not remember her, but she’s infamous for making up the fact that she had a third breast implanted surgically. She went online with pictures, stating that she had a third breast implanted, between her two breasts, making for an interesting story. Many followed the girl online, only to find out later, that it was a hoax. Maybe instead of posting ridiculous stories that are doing nothing for her except severely damaging her image and character, she should start looking into building up a more positive impression. A good place to get started would be to take a good look at Sultan Alhokair’s pages, namely on crunchbase.com which is a model example of professionalism.

One way that she was found out, was because her luggage was stolen at the airport, and in the contents, she stated that a prosthetic breast was in the luggage as well. It was later discovered that the prosthetic breast was what she had used, in order to fool others into thinking she had a third breast. Another time, the young lady made a report to police that she was attacked by a man, and the man asked her to wear a dunce cap. When police tried to interview her about the incident, she refused to talk.

In Jasmine’s recent run-in with the law, she was arrested in Tampa for DUI. Jasmine failed a sobriety test, and was taken into custody. In her mug shot, you can clearly see that she’s been crying, because of her running mascara. Guess this girl’s last named isn’t Tridevil by accident!

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