Woman with Amnesia is Identified

Last February, a woman was found wandering around the north part of San Diego County in Carlsbad, California. She had no idea who she was or what she was doing there. She was confused so the firefighters who found her brought her to the hospital. At the hospital, doctors ran some tests where they found that the woman, who believed her name might be “Sam”, was suffering from stage 3 ovarian cancer. She had a very large tumor on one of her ovaries. The doctors at the hospital believe that the antibodies from the cancer are what caused her amnesia. Local media stations in San Diego soon picked up on her story and began posting pictures asking anyone to help identify her.

According to the story on BuzzFeed.com, the posts went viral and it led to the woman being identified said Claudio Loureiro. Her nephew saw the post and identified her as 53-year-old Ashley Menatta who was currently living in San Diego for the past few years. Ashley had never been married, but had family in Colorado and Maryland. Her sisters were overjoyed to hear that she had been located. They lost track of Ashley when she relocated to San Diego in 2013. They have all been reunited and will stand by their sister while she goes through treatment for her cancer.

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