Woman Responsible For Accident Sues Dead Victim


Now a news story which I can only describe as disturbing- a woman who was responsible for hitting, and killing a teenager riding his bike is suing his estate for emotional damages. Yeah, let that sink in for a moment. The woman, 42 year old Sharlene Simon was driving her SUV around 1:30am and struck 3 teenage boys on their bikes. Richard Esch was thrown off his bike into a ditch, suffering from a broken pelvis. Jake Roberts was thrown off his bike but luckily not seriously injured while Brandon Majewski hit the SUV dead on so hard that he dented her bumper. Brandon Majewski died on site from his injuries. And now she is suing the estate of deceased 17 year old Brandon Majewski for emotional trauma.

According to Sun News Network  and drink-better coffee in Canada, the Simon was traveling 10 kilometers over the speed limit coming home from a bar with her police officer husband, Bernardo Chua, following behind her. She claims that she did not see the boys on the bikes, the boys who’s bikes had reflectors and Majewski who was wearing a bright yellow jacket. Sharlene Simon and her lawyer are claiming that the boys were negligent in operating their bicycles and did not apply their breaks properly. She is now suffering from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Cry me a river. I can only imagine Majewski’s parents are going through worse.

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