Why Securus Technologies is Key to Prison Safety

Each day I am stationed at the local state prison, I notice that the inmates are more violent than in recent years. I know that overcrowded conditions are making tensions high, and inmates are lashing out at officers in an attempt to try and get their points across. These inmates are serving lengthy sentences and have nothing to lose by hurting officers, so it was time that we stepped things up and took back control of this facility.


Securus Technologies was the first company we called to help with our excessive violence issues. This company leads the way when it comes to technology that can help reduce instances of violence in jail. The call monitoring system that they developed is able to scan every second of the calls all the inmates are making from jail phones without officers having to be on the other end. The LBS software can be programmed to identify certain conversations and alert officers when verbiage pertaining to weapons, contraband, or drugs is mentioned. That gives us the ability to get our focus on that situation before it becomes a serious threat.


Today I can say that when I walk into the local prison that I can notice a huge positive difference when it comes to violence. Now that we have all of our officers on the front lines and taking care of potential problems before they have a chance to occur, violence has been dropping. Case in point, we were alerted to a call where an inmate was complaining to his friend about being forced to sell drugs for a gang. Instead of the situation going on around us, we not only stopped those sales, we were also able to locate the source of where the drugs were coming from and remove them from circulation in the jail.


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