Why Lime Crime is So Popular With Makeup Lovers

Hair color should never be limited to the color or shade that is available for men and women. If you are someone who likes to make a bold statement, the new hair dye product line is sure to make a statement. Aimed to be used by women who have darker hair, the new line of products by Lime Crime will work for all hair colors.

The newest trend has women heading in to get their hair dyed a number of different colors. What starts out as one shade on bottom will flow into a different shade going up the hair line. Many new color trends that are popular are shades of blue, purple, red, green and gray. The new colors can do more than just give you a new color, it can give you the self esteem you have been lacking because you felt “plain”.

When you use more than just the hair dye product line by LimeCrime, you will make an ever bolder statement. The lip line combined with eye care products will speak volumes when you combine it with the hair dye.

The creators of Lime Crime have created a completely vegan free line of products. These products are made without any type of animal testing or with anything related to animals. For people who are conscious about using products that are tested on animals, it can be hard to find a product line that has nothing to do with animals. LimeCrime takes pride knowing that they have done nothing to animals which can cause someone to say anything about their stance on animal cruelty. They want shoppers to know they have nothing to do with animal cruelty and that they actually will donate a certain amount of funds to local animal shelters in the product lines area.

When you shop for makeup, you should never settle for a color that you don’t like simply because you don’t find the right shade in the store. With Lime’s line, if you want something that is bold and bright, there is no shortage on the choices that you have available to choose from.

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