Why Invest in Houston Real Estate?

Although real estate is extremely expensive in downtown Houston because of its large array of restaurants, nightlife and Metropolitan activity, it has also become an almost irresistible real estate marketplace for the same, exact reasons. In an area with such an array of hotels, sports venues and culture, Houston is America’s new hotspot for a myriad of reasons and is definitely highly sought after by millennial’s looking for the action of the big city.

Houston real estate brokers all know that that Houston is a city where value of property is only increasing because of the rush of individuals migrating to the mecca looking for a hot piece of real estate action. With such an outstanding nightlife and amenities, it is almost irresistible for a young person with money to overlook Houston as a place to live. People of great wealth flock to its expensive residential high-rises and apartments and this trend will only continue to grow, as there is an inevitable presence of new construction projects promising the extension of property available in a downtown Houston area within the next five years to a most triple.

Eater.com writes the city of Houston, with its dry, hot weather is a virtual maze of air-conditioned underground shopping centers to serve the needs of its millions of inhabitants.

In addition to downtown, with the gold rush of developers looking to develop the pristine undeveloped Houston land, a rush of money has been devoted strictly for the purpose of building and developing on the land surrounding the downtown Houston area, which has been previously rendered essentially abandoned and has remained virtually unknown for quite some time.

The presence of residential lofts that were developed using old, historical buildings boasts a pretty hefty price tag and prices on that prestigious land is predicted to double by the year 2020.

Haidar Barbouti is a Houston real estate investor with over two decades of experience buying and developing commercial property, shopping centers and estates all around the United States of America. Aided by his large portfolio of commercial shopping centers and business parks all around Houston, he is one of the United States premiere real estate investors.

His charitable contributions have helped children all over the city of Houston. A contributor of millions of dollars and resources to charities all over the Houston area, he’s even known for donating his property space to several nonprofit organizations and charities whose main objective is to help impoverished children. Being the co-creator of the Highland Village Adoption Center for Animals, the world-class philanthropist and investor sees a brighter future for our American citizens. He feels that real estate investing can help out thousands of children, for he is known to provide special deals for organizations who rent his properties when nonprofit purposes all around the United States.

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