Why Haven’t Email Marketers Been Using Video?

If you use email in your business, you should know the power of video. One study by the Relevancy Group estimated that your revenue per email could increase by 40% with the use of video. The results of the study make sense: the world is moving to video.

Video can also bump your open rates by up to 20% and your Click Through Rates (CTR) by 200-300%, according to the same report. Videos express your company’s personality more effectively than text. You can include more subtle communications in your video to persuade your customers or audience.

So why aren’t marketers using more videos in their emails? The reason is that traditional video services simply can’t do the job. Either it is too difficult to include videos or too expensive traditionally. However, one innovative company is changing that: Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a Florida-based company that provides a variety of high-tech video services for affordable prices. It ranks larger than other video services provided by AOL, Yahoo, and more. The company has grown organically since its inception.

It began in 2007 when founder Bob Reina discovered a need: sending short, simple video clips through email messages. When AOL told him it wasn’t possible, he teamed up with his friend who is an IT expert. Together they developed a technology that delivers unprecedented value.

There are a few things that really set Talk Fusion apart. First is the ease of use. You can use any video that you have created on your tablet, smartphone, or computer. Then, simply log into your Talk Fusion online portal and select the video file. You can upload it instantly and embed it into any email you want.

Talk Fusion comes with hundreds of quality email templates, and you can create and send all of your video-enhanced emails from one place. You don’t need to download clunky software or annoying browser plugins.

Perhaps most impressive is that Talk Fusion is a community-driven company. Through direct selling, its technology is distributed to people all around the world without a stodgy middle man. What’s more, Talk Fusion contributes to animal causes and humanitarian charities.

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