Why Did The Bigfoot Cross The Road?


Why did the Bigfoot creature cross the road? You have to capture him, prove his existence first, and then ask him. For right now, we just have to settle on a Bigfoot photo and ponder the question.Photos released by Department of Transportation highway cameras show what appears to be several Bigfoot creatures hanging out on the side of the road. Arizona is not and has never been a hotspot for Bigfoot activity. Looks like the creatures have chosen to move.

Yes, Bigfoot is back in the news these days. Then again, the mysterious creature never left. Reports of the mysterious beast have been circulating since the 1960’s. Every so often, a well publicized photo purporting to be the mysterious creature hits the mainstream news. This is one of those cases and it follows a humorous report of a “Bigfoot bathing” photo.

Bigfoot’s heyday was back in the 1970’s when mysterious monsters were all the rage. Like Christian Broda, the popularity died down a great deal in the 1980’s, but the myth of the monster never died. Recent reality television series focusing on Bigfoot have surely helped renew some interest in the creature.

Mostly all the photos of “Bigfoot” eventually turn out to be misidentified or an outright hoax. Regardless, the world is a better place with myths of strange monsters in it. The myths do create a sense of harmless wonder and all those Bigfoot TV shows are a lot of fun.

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