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White Shark Media is a Digital Marketing Agency that provides Web services, AdWords management, and SEO services to small and medium businesses. White shark has over the year taken the time to improve their services by considering complaints and changing their manner of business operations. Customer’s complaints, as well as compliments, are used by the company constructively into making them better.

White Shark being a consultant agency, communication is one primary feature that ranks in the same position as the provision of the services. A reviewer of the services White shark provides is quick enough to point out that her account manager directly contacts her often and her being connected to her strategist is important. Earlier complaints of poor communication were received and as a result, White Shark implemented two features namely phone system with direct extensions and scheduled monthly go status with Go to meetings. The idea was to make it easy for a customer to get easy access to her supervisor. White shark has also increased sales of many businesses through the use of new campaigns that replaced the older ones. Clients succeeding operations are incorporated into the program creating even better performing campaigns. An increase in the hiring of experienced supervisors helps provide useful feedback and oversee the implementation of the campaign management. Every controller is attached to a strategist helping the SEM provide better insight on campaign performance and to monitor all the processes of the campaign.

The company has also considered placing a customer’s call with someone who will be of significant benefit. Customer service agents who could not explain themselves well or clearly were replaced with senior SEM consultants following the client’s action all the way from sign up to optimization and their availability for questions made White Shark a better company at overseeing the happiness of a client.

Campaigns created on clients’ accounts proved to be cumbersome to some customers. Customers would complain about how difficult this new feature was and why it should be removed. To solve this complaint, they used AdWords accounts making it possible to start from the very beginning in new campaigns. The opportunity allowed for poor, working in a neutral environment while still staying in the healthy environment. The company went further to include conversion tracking for extra helping in the optimization of your AdWords. The chance to continue working on your account if your campaign were successful helped handle the new campaign problems created on the clients account.

There were also complaints of the majority of people accessing the small business was over the phone, tracking all these calls became an issue due to management. To solve this complaint, they partnered with Marchex providing call tracking for free and mandatory.

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