Wengie’s Makeup Tips for Natural Beauty

Makeup can really transform your looks, whether you want a cute look for a fun day out or a sexy look for Valentine’s Day etc.


For a simple, everyday makeup look, which is just perfect for school or work, the beauty blogger, Wengie offers the following DIY make up tips:


  1. Prep Your Face


Prep your skin by cleansing and toning your face.


  1. Apply Coverage Using a Beauty Blender


Apply foundation or BB cream to your skin, using a beauty blender. Or, add a bit of your foundation to your moisturizer for a lighter coverage.


Using a beauty blender, not only helps you get into smaller areas, but if you dampen the blender, it also provides a dewy, more natural look.


Begin at the center of your face, working outward, for more coverage around your T-Zone.


Lastly, dab a bit of unmixed foundation to problem areas for more coverage.


  1. Contour Your Face


To slim your face, shade near the hairline across the forehead and down the sides of your face, out to the contour of your cheeks, then blend the areas together in a C shape.


Complete the look by shading under the chin.


  1. Define Your Eyes


Wengie use brow mascara and/or brow powder to softly fill in sparse brows and to define the natural shape of your brows.


Next, brush a soft brown shadow over the eyelids, followed by a darker brown shadow in the corner of the eyelids, blended out, for soft definition.


Apply brown liner along the upper water line, extending it out slightly, then brush a light brown shadow across the lower lash line to further accentuate the eyes.


Finally, using an eyelash curler, curl the lashes. Complete the look by applying a smear-free mascara to the top and bottom lashes, for a rounded, more awake look.


  1. Apply Lip Tint


Apply lip tint, such as Tony Moly lip tint, for a natural pigment that lasts all day.


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