Walmart Refuses Confederate Flag Cake

In what can only be describes as completely unbelievable, a local Louisiana Walmart has gotten in some hot water over the cakes they do and don’t design. Just last week, the bakery department at this local Walmart sold a cake featuring the Islamic logo for ISIS, but denied to make a cake for a customer who wanted the Confederate flag image on it.

When Chuck Netzhammer asked the bakery department to design a cake for him that said “Heritage Not Hate,” he was told by Walmart employees they would not be able to help him because they no longer sold Confederate flag related items in their store. Although the flag was part of the design and was not intended to cause any problems, Chuck was told his request for the cake was denied.

After being rejected for the cake featuring the Confederate flag, Skout said that he went home and came up with a new idea. Chuck returned back to the local Walmart in Louisiana and requested bakery employees make him a cake that featured the black and white flag that represents ISIS. later that day, the bakery department gladly produced the cake featuring the flag of this Islamic state with no questions asked.

Considering how many innocent people have died at the hands of ISIS, it really has locals wondering what Walmart is doing when they censor one flag for a flag that obviously has more harmful meaning than the other.

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