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A few years back some good news came out regarding the health benefits of coffee. It was good news for those who enjoyed their morning cup of joe. Because not only were the previous rumors regarding suspicions of coffees bad side effects put to rest, the bonus was that it is actually good for you! Yes, drinking moderate amounts of coffee actually help stop a whole host of diseases such as cancer, diabetes, kidney issues, and stroke. The study that was conducted involved nearly 185,000 participants and both caffeinated, as well as decaffeinated coffee, produced the same results. Organo Gold is also available at Amazon.

However, researchers are still at work trying to figure out why exactly coffee is beneficial. Factors such as smokers versus non-smokers and people who already had health issues were taken into account when the study was done.

Organo Gold is a distributor of premium coffee. Started in 2008 in Richmond, Canada, the company has gone on to become highly successful by following the path of the direct selling method. The coffee and other health products are made with organic ingredients. Organo sells five different coffee’s plus green tea and hot chocolate. All of the products can either be purchased directly from the website or from one their distributors. Visit corpdev.ogmentorship.com to know more.

So, what makes the coffee of Organo special? The simple answer is that it contains a natural medicinal substance known as Ganoderma. Ganoderma is a special kind of fungus that grows in certain parts of Asia and has been used in traditional medicines for centuries.

Ganoderma is called the “king of the herbs” in south-east Asia. The best quality Ganoderma is imported by Organo Gold to be used in their products. In fact, the company has gone as far as to get exclusive import rights from one of the best Ganoderma growers in Asia. For those people who want to get the opportunity to sell their products, should take a look at their website and start the journey on the path to financial freedom.

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