Visual Search Is Changing The Way We Shop

Exciting things are happening in the world of retail and definitely for the better. A practical game changer is going to enhance, as well as simplify, the way we shop online. The way this will be done is with visual search. Many millennials look forward to shopping online as it is an experience to find more variety in sizes and styles as opposed to going to your local mall or boutique.

Anupama Pasumarthy is a frequent online shopper and has expressed her experience as of late has discouraged her from pursuing any future online shopping despite her enjoyment in the beginning. She states that the searches are not attuned to her styling needs so she is usually recommended clothing that is too large or shoes that are too small. Many visual search start ups have heard Pasumarthy’s pleas, including others, and hopes to fix this problem once and for all.

Companies in India like iLenze, Stylumia Intelligence Technology Pvt Ltd, SnapShopr have all rushed into the race known as visual search. It is all in the name when it comes to figuring out how this new technology will work. Essentially you would search with an image. Contrary to typing in words to describe a shirt and finding a cheaper similar one, visual search of the shirt will narrow it down to provide you with the best results. If unable to find a shirt that could be similar to the one in the picture, visual search can also show you results based on the style. So if searching for a light blue polo shirt with an intricate pattern doesn’t pull up any results but the one you saw at the store the intelligence of visual search will perhaps show you a black polo shirt with a similar pattern.

India is not the only country with contenders in the visual search arena. Canada is also looking to make their mark. Slyce Inc. is a Toronto based company that is bringing visual search to North America. What sets Slyce Inc. apart is that they are paired off with brand name stores such as Neiman Marcus. They utilize the web as well as mobile platforms to help their sponsors receive the most traffic and revenue.

Another feature that is solely unique to Slyce Inc. is their Snap-To-Buy platform. Essentially you are out enjoying your day off from work with a bit of shopping and you see a lovely blouse through the window. After going inside to look the blouse over you see that it doesn’t exactly fit your price range. Don’t give up hope just yet! Snap a picture of the blouse and let Snap-To-Buy do the rest. Results similar to the blouse will pop up and you’ll be able to find one just in within your budget.

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