Violent Protests Continue in Venezuela

After further unrest leading to significant damage at over 20 businesses in Cumana, Venezuela, area security teams are maintaining an increased presence and vigilance. The recent food shortages have sparked open protests and looting throughout the city. Some sources like indicate as many as 10 violent looting incidents per day are occurring, requiring aggressive law enforcement response to restore peace to the area.
The impoverished in Cumana have been the most deeply impacted by the inflation-ridden economy that Venezuela is laboring under. While government officials have created a neighborhood food distribution service, its management is viewed as political by analyst Jose Gonzalez, and it has done little to stem the angry protests. So far, at least three people have died from the food riots over the last week, and over 400 have been detained. Both food and medical resources are scarce right now, and the country continues to function in crisis mode.


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