Vijay Eswaran: Behold the Man and His Worldview

After enjoying success in the corporate world, Vijay Eswaran returned to his roots in Malaysia to become an entrepreneur. As part of a group of business moguls, he co-founded the QI Group of Companies.

The QI Group is an Ecommerce business that has branches leafing into a multitude of enterprises. For example, QI Group ventures include direct sales, property management, luxury and collectibles, and telecommunication.

One of his prized accomplishments, though, is his humanitarian achievements. Vijay Eswaran has earned membership on Forbes Asia roster of Heroes of Philanthropy, and, from the Asian Strategic Leadership in Malaysia, Vijay Eswaran merited a lifetime achievement award in benevolence. Furthermore, he’s received the International Leader in Global Business strategies citation.

Vijay Eswaran, too, is an author and much sought after motivational speaker. His lifestyle mimics what he writes and speaks about.

One aspect Vijay Eswaran promotes is a daily quiet time. During these periods, Vijay Eswaran urges those in his audience to reflect on who they are.

Vijay Eswaran believes that through meditation a person becomes motivated to take decisive and productive steps in their lives. Vijay Eswaran concludes that by setting and achieving goals people acquire knowledge, and the more knowledge they obtain the more proficient they become. Knowledge and proficiency leads to leadership.

Vijay Eswaran contends that leaders set the borders in which the majority live. This is true even though followers outnumber leaders. Nevertheless, a leader’s persona can make them appear larger than they are.

Through his books and speeches, Vijay Eswaran challenges people to get acquainted with themselves; it might surprise them who they find hidden inside their heads.

Vijay Eswaran once traveled to Italy and studied the lifestyle of Franciscan monks. The way they lived intrigued him, so he became a lay monk. He took a vow of silence and, once he adapted to the change, enjoyed the serenity and composure it brought him.

Vijay Eswaran contends everyone needs a relationship of love, friendship, and an element of chance. However, to flourish, the partnership requires respect and trust.

Vijay Eswaran lives that truth.

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