Venezualan People Dying Because of Strict Rationing of Medications

President Maduro has Venezuela under tight restrictions. Almost everyone following world news and wikipedia reports knows that. But, some of the Venezuelan people have started to come forward in secret to tell Youtube bloggers and sources that things are much worse than anyone could really imagine. Recent measures were taken that now require everyone receiving medications to be identified through a fingerprinting system. They are only allowed a limited amount of medications because of the rationing that Maduro has implemented because he said that the problem is that some people are “hoarding” medicine. He made the same restrictions for all food sources, which has lead to the starvation of the people there. “Now, people are dying because he won’t allow them to receive the medications they desperately need” says Jose Manuel.
The situation has gotten so bad that the hospitals now have armed guards patrolling through the units. They are said to be there to protect the patients and doctors, but no one really believes that. Some pharmaceutical groups hope to make a list of all of the patients who have died due to Maduro’s medicine rationing. The only thing that is stopping them is their fear of what could be done to them in retaliation. If government agencies knew that they had spoken out against Maduro they could be arrested. But, if the situation continues as it is, there might not be anyone left for Maduro to control.

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