US UFO Documents Revealed


Many individuals have had strange encounters that they simply are not able to explain. The same is true for many pilots, as they might encounter strange lights or other objects while in flight. All of these reports have been saved by the United States Air Force and, until now, the majority of these documents were sealed and kept from the public, at least until now.

Known as Project Blue Book” the information dates all the way back to June 1947 according to UFO researchers. The majority of the cases found inside of Project Blue Book are rather open and shut, at least as the book itself indicates. In most cases, ranging from US Navy admirals all the way to civilians, most lights and unexplained objects were either weather balloons, meteorological events, swamp gasses or temperature inversions that can cause an alteration to the light in a small area. However, there are some cases in the book that are not all explained. In fact according to, there are over 700 entries that have no explanation due to either insufficient data or evidence. “One such event from Socorro, New Mexico that took place in 1964 is included as unexplained, as it centers around a police officer that followed a strange craft that landed on the ground, two child-sized beings exited the aircraft and then it later took off leaving unexplained scorch marks,” Slow Ventures stated. Anyone who wants is able to pick up this book.

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