Upcoming gigantic growth predicted for the New York Real Estate Market

Re/Max and its builder, Dave Liniger recently told the press that he had his view set for New York City. This was an article found in the Real Estate Weekly. Dave Liniger has been there since the day Re/Max was merely a local shop and now it is a global powerhouse. The master franchise for the state of New York was recently purchased by Re/max. He has big plans for his company as they plan to spread across the state by re-igniting local brokerages. This is part of a national strategy that has seen them purchase back as many as 16 regional offices from existing franchise owners. Dave Liniger has appointed his trusted company veteran Terri Bohannon to lead the team forward with regards to a brand campaign as well as fresh marketing in order to jump start their operations in New York. Dave Liniger remains extremely positive and believes that his team will do a fantastic job. The company has had recent success in the New Jersey area where they own a total of 20 percent of the market share. This however is not the only place where the figures are similar. They also own 20 percent of the market share in Pennsylvania as well as New England. e /Max has really developed itself into a global player with more than 100 000 agents across the globe in 100 countries. It alls tarted back in 1970 and has come extremely far since then.

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