Understanding Paul Mampilly

In a recent interview with Ideamensch, Paul Mampilly who is the author of Profits Unlimited talked about his life and how he ventured into investing. He told Ideamensch how he migrated from India to the US and had to work two jobs; in a cafeteria and gas station. During this time, Paul Mampilly was still attending college and was working hard to try to make both ends meet. After graduating and working for Wall Street hedge funds and big banks, he decided to start helping investors understand the stocks market. It is here that Paul Mampilly started writing charts and newsletters about the business of investing.

According to Paul Mampilly, his first job was at Deutsche Bank where he served as a research assistant. He also worked at other banks like ING, Banker’s Trust, and Royal Bank of Scotland where he managed client portfolios. The big break for Paul Mampilly came after he grew Kinetic Asset Management into a $6 billion hedge fund firm. The company assets increased to $25 billion with an increase of 26% in returns. This made Kinetic Asset Management to be named as the fastest-growing hedge fund company in the US. In the Templeton Foundation Investment Competition, Paul Mampilly turned an increase of 76% into $50 million from 2008 to 2009. A few years later, Paul decided to leave the hedge fund business and started his job at Banyan Hill.

Paul Mampilly currently serves as the Senior Editor of True Momentum, Extreme Fortunes, and Profits Unlimited at the Banyan Hill Publishing. He started Banyan Hill Publishing in 2016 and focused his energy and resources to assisting Main Street Americans to look for wealth through technology, investing, small-cap stocks and also unique opportunities. Paul Mampilly has over 25 years worth of experience in the hedge fund business. He understands how to grow small companies that have innovative business models to big successful companies. Paul Mampilly graduated from the Fordham University, New York where he acquired his MBA in 1996. He has been featured on Fox Business News, CNBC, Hedge Fund Intelligence, Bloomberg TV, Reuters and many others.

Learn more about Paul Mampilly: https://www.stockgumshoe.com/reviews/profits-unlimited/profits-unlimiteds-7-tech-stock-and-the-strange-industry-is-expected-to-surge-8000/

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