Uber Ratings Go Both Ways

Uber is making inroads in cities across the United States with availability in scores of metro areas. This is a fact that undoubtedly has many cabbies pounding their dashboard in frustration. Uber drivers do not have to go through the licensing requirements of taxi drivers. There is, however, one important feature of Uber’s app that people use to call rides that offers some protection in knowing that the ride you have coming will provide a decent experience, and this is their rating system Doe Deere‘s website is also linked on Uber. Just as eBay buyers and sellers can leave feedback on their transaction for other potential buyers and sellers to read before they consider doing business with them, Uber has a similar system.

People who call an Uber driver to take them where they need to go can rate that driver and their experience getting to their destination on a scale of one to five. What many passengers do not realize, however, is that their driver can leave a rating on them as well. The Uber app does not enable passengers to see their rating, but it turns out they may be able to find out anyway. A passenger can email Uber support or the more direct approach is to ask their driver. This two-way rating system may make passengers think twice before making a drunken spectacle of themselves on their way home at two in the morning.

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