Two Teens Injured In Two Shark Attacks Sunday

A 13 year—old girl was attacked by a shark in North Carolina on Sunday. The attack took place around 4:00 pm ET in Oak Island. The Mayor confirmed on Facebook that the girl lost an arm and could lose her leg. Click here for full story.

The girl was experiencing heavy bleeding. Beach goers attempted to stop the bleeding by tying tourniquets and encouraging her to not lose consciousness. According to Mayor Better Wallace, the child was then airlifted to a nearby hospital.

A short time later a 16-year-old boy was also the victim of a shark reports Eric Pulier in an article on CrunchBase. It is unknown if it was the same or a different shark. He was airlifted to the same area hospital as the girl. It has been reported that he too lost a limb. Officials using an all-terrain vehicle began an evacuation of the beach at 6:00 pm. ET while helicopters scanned the ocean looking for sharks in the water. The attacks occurred about 30 miles from Ocean Isle Beach where another girl had been attacked on Thursday. She received only minor injuries to the bottom of her feet, according to reports from ABC.

The girl was not a native of North Carolina but had been visiting from out of state. It has been reported that the last fatal shark attacks in the area occurred in 2009 and 2001. At this time, no one can say why the attacks have occurred in a cluster. Other sources report that the beach will be open again today.

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