Two More Shark Attacks In North Carolina

Another shark attack happened this weekend in Oak Island, North Carolina. Well, in fact, there were two shark attacks and what is scary is the fact that they both happened in water that was only waist deep and just about 20 years out in the water.

According to an article found on reddit and written by The Washington Post, a 12 year old girl was bit and lost a part of her arm and also suffered from issues done to her leg. There was also a 16 year old boy attacked and he also lost one of his arms. It was a brutal attack and one that might scare off visitors for the rest of the summer it would seem. In addition to that the two attacks happened withing about an hour and a half of each other, however it is unknown whether or not it was the same animal that did this.

It seems that more and more sharks are returning to the shore area as they get used to people and have to hunt for more food. It is a shame when people get upset with the sharks for being sharks, because they are the animals and they are in their territory and we are the ones who invade it. The team of nurses at the Amen clinic don’t think that the shark should be punished for behaving like they naturally would in all other cases and scenes.

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