Troy McQuagge; The Winner of 2016 One Planet CEO of the Year Award

Troy Mcquagge is the chief executive officer of USHEALTH Group. Troy is the new gold winner of One Planet’s chief executive officer of the Year Award. The award is one of the most prestigious global annual industry and peers recognition rewarding business and professional excellence. One Planet Awards target leaders of diverse organizations. These organizations include public and private corporations, small and medium businesses, non-profit organizations, associations, government, and startups.

Mr. Mcquagge thanked everyone for the recognition of what he is doing at USHEALTH Group. He dedicated the award to the team at USHEALTH for their continuous commitment to providing healthcare solutions. He reiterated that the company’s goal of providing innovative and affordable solutions to consumers is what is driving the growth. Mr. Mcquagge has streamlined several operations in the company since he took over USHEALTH in 2010. The first task that he did was to rebuild the relationship with the company’s Advisors. This was a huge success. The company’s board elected him to be the group’s president and CEO in 2014. Few companies have registered impressive growth and profitability on the individual insurance market. This market is one of the highly competitive in the insurance industry.

Troy Mcquagge is responsible for the overall performance and strategic growth of the company. His main area of operation is the insurance subsidiary. USHEALTH has registered impressive growth in customer base and profitability under the leadership of Mr. Mcquagge in the last few years. He works with a powerful team that supports his vision. He understands that the success is as a result of improving operations and satisfying various stakeholders of an organization. Mr. Mcquagge has a Bachelor degree in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. He worked with several other organizations in the healthcare industry before joining USHEALTH.

One Planet Awards

One Planet Awards has recognized top performing companies over the years. Its primary goal is to reward business and professional excellence. The body currently confers honors in various categories on a worldwide scale. The categories include corporate communications, executives, PR, new products and services, Women in Business Awards, teams, and organizations.

USHEALTH Group, Inc.

USHEALTH Group is one of the emerging holding companies in the insurance industry. Its specialty is healthcare insurance. Its headquarters is in Ft. Worth, Texas. The company’s main strength is serving small business owners and self-employed professionals. The goal of the company is to use skills and talents of its team to serve clients. Their team comprises of staff and agents who offer innovative insurance solutions competitively and profitably. The company has taken its customer relations management to another level to achieve this. This is evident in every section of the enterprise.

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