Troy McQuagge Gets Prestigious Award

Troy McQuagge is currently the chief executive officer of a successful organization known as the USHEALTH Group. Just recently, Troy was recognized as the Gold Winner CEO of the Year in the respectable One Planet Awards. The prestigious awards are internationally acknowledged, and they honor professional and business excellence in most of the industries in the world. Different institutions from all over the globe are allowed to submit their nominations to the awards. Non-profit, profit making, private, public, small and large organizations are eligible for the nominations.


Troy McQuagge started working for USHEALTH Group in the year 2010. After joining the company, Troy decided to work on turning around the organization. The first step was rebuilding the captive distribution agency in the group, known as USHEALTH Advisors. His idea was very successful. He managed to retool USHEALTH Advisors, and this enabled him to acquire the presidency and chief executive position in the great company in the year 2014. While working as the president and CEO of USHEALTH, Troy has made sure that the institution registers unprecedented success, profitably and growth in the competitive and challenging individual health insurance industry.


In a recent statement, Troy says that he is excited and honored to be recognized by One Planet Awards. According to him, the prestigious award from the esteemed industry will belong to all the people working at the USHEALTH Group. Troy also said that the award is a testament to the ongoing commitment from the institution to solve all the problems in the healthcare industry. Most of the products in the industry are not affordable to the customers, and the company wants to ensure that each of them is covered, regardless of their incomes. The innovative care coverage from USHEALTH Group ensures that the client’s needs are met in time.


The prestigious One Planet Awards were established several years ago, and they mostly recognize companies in different parts of the world because of their professional and business excellence. At the moment, the award honors are conferred in several categories. Some of these include teams, executives, PR, new services and products, organizations and corporate communications from all over the world.


The USHEALTH Group is a respected insurance holding company that is currently headquartered in Ft. Worth. The organization focused primarily on offering innovative health coverage to individuals who are self -employed and those who own small businesses in the world. The institution achieves its goals by combining the talents of all its employees and agents to ensure that it markets its insurance products in the competitive and profitable market. The healthcare company also has a robust customer service that ensures that all the aspects of the business operations are dealt with. The successful healthcare company has done very well under the leadership of Troy.



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