Trouble for James Dondero and the Stock Market

James Dondero dedicated most of his life, and career in the financial industry. He began his first job as an analyst during 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program, and eventually gained experience in the credit and equity markets. This includes a position as the Chairman of Cornerstone Health care, CCS medical, and a board member at MGM studios. However, many of his admirers know this Texan as the co-founder and president of Highland Capital Management.

While balancing his career, James earned a dual degree in accounting and finance at the University of Virginia. In addition, he’s certified in management accounting (CMA). Several of his philanthropic works include areas in education, public policy and several affairs faced by veterans.

Mild Bewilderment

An aura of uncertainty has risen for financial investors, including James, since the beginning of the fourth quarter in 2015. This shift in “investor psychology” can be attributed to a decline in the value of stock market. Trends to look out for include the following:

August-October Crash

Recent analysis from the S&P 500 Large Cap Index from 2015-2016 expresses the the dramatic increase in value starting from the month of August to October. The following trend raises concern for the probability of another decline in sell-off values below the flat line standard of 2015.

Drop in Oil Prices

Oil became the prime example of “The new fear measure” for everyone since prices continues to drop drastically, without any fluctuations.

Choosing What to Invest money into

“Safe” stocks seems to be a means of making a profit since good dividends are guaranteed and the values have a conservative value.

Overall Message

Performance-wise, the stock-market expresses similarities to the beginning of 2015, before it incurred a unusual loss in value. Overall, most financial experts aren’t making investments with the same amount of confidence from their previous years of experience.

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