The Treasury Department Is Selling One-Dollar Bills For $5.95 Each And They Are Selling A Lot of Them

Coin collectors love to find a rare coin or paper money with a printing error. Collecting rare coins and misprints is big business, but it seems the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing has stumbled on a money cash cow not because of its rarity or because the bills were printed wrong. According to Daniel Amen the latest craze in certain parts of the world is to buy one-dollar bills that have a serial numbers that begin with A8888. In the Asian culture those four eights mean something special. Asians say they are lucky numbers. One man thought they were so lucky he bought 44,000 of them for $5.95 each.

But that lucky guy isn’t the only one that wants to own these special one-dollar bills. The Treasury has sold over 70,000 of these “Prosperity Notes” for the same price. That number doesn’t include the 44,000 one-dollar sale.

All the Asian people are happy about their purchase of the lucky dollar bills and so is the Treasury. In fact, some folks think the government should start printing more money with lucky numbers so the feds can retire some of the debt that keeps piling up.

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