Helane Morrison: Someone Who Aggressively Exposes Wrongs

There have been a lot of revelations made about many institutions in the financial industry. A lot of it was because of Helane Morrison’s work. Helane has done a lot to expose the unethical handling of transactions with clients during the time of economic crisis. As a result of the fraudulent and otherwise unethical practices, many people have lost faith in institutions. The interesting thing is that there was such corruption in the industry that people did not know how to proceed with action. Helane Morrison has decided to push forward and bring forth a more just method of business in the face of doubt.

Helane has studied as a Journalist in Northwestern University Illinois, she had then moved to California to continue her education. She has also learned a lot from mentors. Among the mentors that has given her the most influence was Harry A Blackmun. He is one of those people that have fought very hard in bringing justice for women. He has made sure that Helanie knew what it was like to stand up for social justice. Harry has received a lot of threats as well as opposition. Helanie has learned a lot from him. She took the lessons to heart. This has given her the strength to pursue the justice that she is after.

In her pursuit for more ethical business world, Helane Morrison has made a lot of achievements which has led to her being a leader of hundreds of employees at law firms. She has eventually joined Hall Capital as a compliance officer. Hall Capital has gained her interest simply because she understands how important financial institutions are to the economy. She wants to help make sure that the company is operating in an ethical and honest manner. She is also looking to increase the representation of females in the financial sector.

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