The Successful Career of Susan McGalla

In the past, being a successful businesswoman was quite a challenge given the hurdles that one would face relative to the male entrepreneurs. Susan McGalla on paulandlindagaume is one successful woman who has undergone different challenges but today, she is a respected voice in the business field. She has built her reputation around fashion branding. With the increased number of women venturing in different businesses, McGalla has remained a beacon of hope to them through her advisory services. She is an expert in marketing, management of talent, branding besides being an entrepreneur.
Over the years, she has been instrumental in giving public lecturers on how to get ahead in entrepreneurship. McGalla has given lectures to places like the Women and Girl’s foundation of Pittsburgh as well as the renowned Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series for the chief executive officers. On different occasions, she has been asserting that women do not want to be seen as women in business, but rather as professionals having the ability and education to undertake different ventures successfully.
While growing up, Susan McGalla had the privilege of having two brothers. Her father was a football coach. Her father focused on equality thus, McGalla had no special situations simply because she was female. Her parents brought her up telling her to believe in herself and have confidence when explaining her ideas to the masses. McGalla has never looked back as she has been quite vocal in presenting and defending her ideas in different forums. She has been comfortable working with both men and women. She attributes her success to her confidence.
She is a graduate of the Mount Union College where she received her undergraduate degree. Immediately after graduation, she joined Joseph Horne Company. McGalla breakthrough came when she started working for the American Eagle Outfitters. Starting as a junior employee, McGalla rose through the organization’s ranks to become the president of the company while also serving as the chief merchandising officer of the entity. She remembers that when she joined the American Outfitters, male employees dominated the corporation, as there was no woman in the executive or board of the company.
McGalla has become an expert in different business fronts and her services are sought by diverse people in finance who are in need of getting an insider perspective on issues of retail. She hopes that more women can follow her footsteps and they will definitely be successful in their careers. Today, she sits on the board of HFF Inc, which is a public company that trades on the stock exchange and offers commercial real estate services to the public. McGalla also serves as the director in charge of strategic planning and growth for the celebrated Pittsburgh Steelers. McGalla is the founding president of her company, P3 Executive Consulting.

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