The Successful Career of David Macdonald at the Osi Group

For quite some time, David McDonald has been the president of the OSI group. In his earlier years, David McDonald attended Iowa state university between the years of 1983-1987. Basically, the group specializes in the provision of foods in various countries across the globe. In a bid to improve the quality of its services, the company has partnered with various international brands. David Mcdonald has been working at the OSI group for a period spanning for more than three decades. During this period, the company has been able to experience some unprecedented growth. In the said growth, he has played a very instrumental role.

Over the years, the vision of the OSI has been constant. Basically, the group aims to deliver high quality products for their clients. In ensuring that the OSI group is sustainable, David McDonald has played a very important role. For a long time, he has been entrenching culture of ethics into the company. He has also managed to instill a can do attitude in all the employees working in the company. The said attitude has made it possible for the employees to thrive in different environments. Customers who work for the company are usually encouraged to deliver more than the expectations of customers.

In the company, patience is usually encouraged among the employees. According to David Mcdonald, the success of the company can be attributed to various factors. First and foremost, the dynamic partnerships that the company has entered into have increased its success by leaps and bounds. As noted earlier, the organization has succeeded in forming partnerships across the world. For instance, the company has a presence in both the United States and China. It is also important to note that the company also has a presence in different European countries.

One of the major principles of the company is that even international companies are local in a certain sense. Accordingly, the company has to understand the culture of the area it is operating in. In 2016, the OSI group proceeded to purchase a leading Dutch manufacturer, Baho foods. The company specializes in the manufacture of convenience foods and deli meats. According to David McDonald, the acquisition was meant to give the company a wider presence in Europe.

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