The role of Alexandre Gama in advertising industry of Brazil

He is the founder, CEO and also the CCO of Neogama Agency. This is an advertising and communication company found in Brazil. The firm is ranked among the top twenty companies in this country. It was founded in 1999 by Alexandre Gama who is a specialist in communication and advertisement. The growth has resulted from leading publications and appreciation of work by clients. Alexandra has been the strength of this company in realizing its objectives and goals over the years. He also has interest in music and motor cars. He owns VIOLAB which is a guitar company that produces and sells guitars.

The career and education of Alexandre

Alexandre Gama perused a degree in Commercial Advertising Art. The course has helped him work with different agencies where he leant many skills about how the business is run. In 1999, he quit working as a creative copywriter at BM9 and started Neogama. The company started off well becoming one of the fastest growing in the country. It attracted BBH, a British press agency which invested in his business by acquiring minority of shares. Neogama receives accolades from different groups, magazines, and organizations from its outstanding work every year.



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