The Rapid Growth of Nobilis Health and other Health Companies

The healthcare industry has tremendously grown over the past five decades. In fact, currently it is the world largest industry. The demand for health care services has immensely increased due to increase of population and rise in number of diseases. Many companies and investors have ventured in this lucrative deal. Some of the companies despite offering health care services they do not meet the required standards. Equipment and trained personnel required by this industry are expensive to acquire and maintain. Upgrading the standards require improving the experience of care, lowering the per capita expense of health care and bettering the populations’ health.

The year 2014 will remain memorable to most companies in the health-care industry because they adapted to new Affordable Care Act regulations. In addition, some acquired new partners while others signed to joint venture agreements especially those specializing in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The biggest companies in the health care industry include;

CVS Health: This is the largest retailer of prescription drugs in U.S and doubles as the second-largest pharmacy benefits manager in the nation. The company manages over 1,600 pharmacies in all the 47 states. It also owns Omnicare, a drug delivery company that assist large centers to control citizens’ medications. The company plans to expand and establish clinics in approximately 600 places by the end of 2017.

McKesson is another established and large pharmaceutical dealer that has been enjoying immense profit due to increasing sales in its wholesale drug sale and increased influence in Celesi. The Company owns 50.1% of Germany Company, which has increased its command over the global pharmaceutical market. The company has diversified its services; it now develops and implements software’s within the medical community. This is a venture that looks promising and by the end of 2015, the company might accumulate $3 million plus.

United Health Group is another company that serves more than 85 million patients across the globe. They have hugely invested in health data analytics and pharmacy benefits manager. The company sales have been increasing each year and in the mid-2015, the company sales had increased by 15%.

Nobilis Health is a full-service healthcare development and management company. It possesses and controls 10 healthcare facilities in Texas and Arizona, which includes Houston surgical hospital, two MRI centers, ambulatory surgery centers and an emergency care center. Three ambulatory centers are located in Houston, two in Dallas and one in Arizona and the other in Scottsdale. Nobilis has established marketing partnership with 16 other surgical centers in U.S

Nobilis enjoyed tremendous success in terms of revenue in the year 2014, when compared to other corresponding years.Net patient revenue for just three months towards the end of September increased by 125% and number of case handled during the same period increased by 22.7%. Nobilis success in terms of revenue and health care service did not come without hard work and huge investments in training of personnel and upgrading its systems and equipment. Nobilis Health has achieved one of its early 2015 goals of lowering average borrowing costs and stabilizing capital structure. They completed a record $25 million debt financing facility with the GE capital, Healthcare Financial Service.

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