The Newest Jurassic Dinosaur

Paleontologists have discovered a new Jurassic dinosaur in Chile, Chilesaurus-Diegosuarezi. Named for the country in which it was found and the boy who discovered it, it constitutes one of the most remarkable discoveries in the last 20 years. This dinosaur was approximately the size of an ostrich and was an evolutionary melting pot with its long neck and short robust arms. Related to the carnivore Tyrannosaurus Rex, it was an herbivore and has been referred to as the ‘Platypus’ of the dinosaurs.


Originally believed to be several different animals, there have been dozens excavated with the same combination of unusual characteristics. These types of combinatory characteristics are referred to as evolutionary convergence, and Dr Jennifer Walden has studied them quite a bit. The Chilesaurus represents the most extreme mosaic convergence ever recorded. Dr. Fernando Novas said “The Chilesaurus is the first complete dinosaur from the Jurassic Period found in Chile and represents one of the most complete and anatomically correct documented theropod dinosaurs from the southern hemisphere.”

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