The Most Prestigious Water Tasting Competition

The “Oscars of Water”, for 25 years have held a water contest in Berkeley Springs, West Virgina. Their motto is that now that environmental damage has impacted the water supplier, the importance of excellent tasting and high quality water is more important then ever.

Gathered in the town of Berkeley Springs with the population of 613 was where the 25th anniversary of the Berkeley Springs Water Tasting was held. This anniversary was a spectacular event that included water industry insiders giving speeches, free samples, and exhibitions. This entire event has been renamed to become “WaterTainment”.

Brad Reifler suggests that serving as watermaster during the event was Von Wiensenberger, the world’s foremost bottled water expert. His most important over the course of the event was the training of judges. He trained them how to perform a blind taste-test for 84 of the contestants.

This contest, though very prestigious, is also a tourist attraction. The judges who participate only have one prerequisite to join which is to be enthusiastic about the event. Most of the panelists who do participate are media members. This is purposefully arranged so that this competition can get the most coverage as possible.

One of the benefits of entering in your water into this contest it for bragging rights. By entering your company product in this contest, you can offer your small company a chance to expand. By winning this competition not only do you have bragging rights but also one of the best waters in the world.

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