The Lime Crime Brand Builds An Audience

There is a lot of talk about Lime Crime, and people are going to be seeing a lot more of this brand. I think that there is a presence in the cosmetics industry by Doe Deere that has not been seen before. People that are looking for cosmetics will discover that this is one of the most creative brands of makeup on the market today. It is no secret that this makeup is one of the best brands for people that are trying to get the wacky colors of lipstick that cannot be found anywhere else.


I think that everyone can appreciate an entrepreneur in the cosmetics world that shows some creativity. This is what Doe Deere, Lime Crime CEO, does all the time. She stays on a very creative path, and that is why people patronize her brand. I don’t know think that I know of any other people in the makeup industry that are doing what she is doing.


The Unicorn lipstick company that Doe Deere has created has made me a fan of bright colors and the interesting things that this company has presented. I do not really know of any other companies that has been able to do what this company has done. I think that Doe Deere is building up her audience, and I believe that the brand will continue to gain more attention. It is just a matter of time before she reaches even more customers.


There is a lot for people to consider when they are looking for some Lime Crime products to try. I think that the thing that has interested me the most is the cruelty free tag that Doe Deere has put on her products. I didn’t realize that other companies where experiencing with animals for testing products, but I am so glad that Doe Deere brought this to my attention. She certainly has a different approach to the way that she is building her makeup company. I think that she has made a lot of progress with her brand, and even more people are going to love her style.

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