The Ghost of Jeremy Lin

There are tons of questions as to where former superstar and media sensation for the New York Knicks Jeremy Lin will go once the year is up and his contract is officially over with the Los Angeles Lakers. Lin created a media circus when Linsanity went down just three short years ago. To say he got his fifteen minutes of fame would be an understatement, as he was officially the biggest celebrity in the world for about two weeks. According to and Dave and Brit Morin, he was so famous that literally everyone in the country knew who he was and was tuning into Knicks games just to watch him play. It is pretty amazing that someone can rise to that level of fame, while previously being an unknown and bouncing around the D-League, so ridiculously quickly. He was offered a twenty-five million contract, and although Carmelo Anthony really liked Jeremy Lin, he stated to the media that it was absurd that he was getting offered over eight million dollars a year when he had only put up several weeks of great play. It looks like he was absolutely correct in that assertion, as he felt that Lin had not proven himself for long enough in the NBA to attain that kind of money, and Lin has completely fallen off the map since. He is about to be done with his contract, and there is no way he is going to get near the amount of money he got last time.

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