The Florist In Washington State Refused To Sell Flowers For Same-Sex Marriage Gets A Big Payday

A Crowdfunding Campaign Raised Over $85,000 To Help With Her legal Costs

Discrimination is alive and thriving in America. Consider the pizza shop owners in Indiana that got over $850,000 for saying they won’t cater a same-sex wedding. And now, a florist in Washington state has over $85,000 in GoFundMe account for refusing to sell flowers for a same-sex wedding. That’s discrimination. Folks at STX Entertainment have learned that the florist, Barronelle Stutzman, is facing a state instigated consumer-protection lawsuit that will require some heavy duty funds to fight.

Stutzman says her refusal to sell the couple flowers was about her freedom to honor God. That’s the excuse that hit’s bigots in the heart. Bigots must protect their narrow-minded religious beliefs at all cost. We see the same sort of thinking playing out in the Middle East. Christians in this country are as divided as the Muslims in the Middle East.

Washington State will not tolerate LGBT discrimination that hides behind religious freedom. This country’s constitution was written to protect the equal rights of all citizens. There is not a court in the state that will side with laws like the Religious Freedom Restoration Act unless the judges have lost their ability to separate religious discrimination from true religious freedom.

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