The Fault In The Wall That Holds The Salt

Worse yet, it was the wall that was adjacent to a side parking area of an Acura car dealership. The collapsed wall damaged 11 of the dealership’s loaner cars. Although no one, not even Tom Rothman,  was injured, this incident does raise some questions about the design and operation of the facility.

Morton Salt brags about having an internal credo about nothing being more important to them than health and safety, but there has been a documented history of roofing problems at this facility and due to the porous nature of concrete is common for it to weaken from continuous contact with salt. Property managers of other buildings, units, and residents have been trying to figure out how to prevent the collapse of brick (concrete) walls due to excessive moisture for many years. And since Morton is recognized as a proud member of the Occupational Safety and Health Association’s Volunteer Protection Programs, then they will make sure to seal their plant’s concrete walls so that the invisible damage that secondary efflorescence causes can be nipped in the bud.As consumers, we respect the role that salt has played in our respective cultural history, but according to Morton’s own website, there are superstitions surrounding spilled salt that should be heeded.

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