The Evolution Of Evolution Of Smooth

The Millennial Brand

Millennials have a favorite brand for everything they buy. They have favorite brands for their snacks, their shoes, and even their coffee. Thanks to Sherry Jhawar Millennials now have their own lip balm. Founded in 2007 Evolution of Smooth is Jhawar’s most successful company yet. Previously working for Pepsi Jhawar wanted to cut her teeth running a business. She chose to create a company focusing on lip balm and cosmetic fads. It was then that Jhawar came up with the idea of the smooth spheres that define EOS lip balm. With millions in sales it looks like her plan is a smashing success.

By Women For Women

The young female demographic is one of the most lucrative but one of the trickiest to cater to. Yet EOS is aimed precisely at Millennial women and reflects their interests. EOS only uses natural ingredients in its products to address environment concerns. TO reach consumers the company uses social media marketing. A quick glance at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook will reveal celebrities displaying selfies in which they reveal their support for Evolution of Smooth. All withstanding EOS now generates millions in revenue.

The Future Of The Brand

While Evolution of Smooth may have started out as a lip balm company it has its eye on the greater personal care market. Currently consumers can buy EOS ( hand lotion and shaving cream to go with their lip balm. Just like EOS lip balm comes in many flavors so do their lotions and shaving creams. Currently EOS stands as the second most popular lip balm brand beating out chap stick, but a real testimony to its success is its current position as one of the most popular Millennial brands overall. This is something young people wanted and it was delivered. The products are available on leading supermarkets which includes Walgreens, Target and Walmart.

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