The Dwarf Planet Ceres Has A Three Mile High Pyramid On It!

Maybe The Ancient Egyptians Did Learn Their Pyramid Building Skills From The Beings That Inhabit Ceres

The dwarf planet ceres is getting a lot of free press recently. NASA’s Dawn Mission is sending back some incredible shots of Ceres. Those photos are not answering all the questions NASA has about the largest rock between Jupiter and Mars. The people at NASA are excited for a couple of reasons. The first is the reflective spots they noticed around one of the craters on the planet. The other is the three-mile high pyramid they found near another crater. The Dawn photos also shows what appears to be a mountain range, and an assortment of different size craters.

Folks at Boraie Development ( know that pyramids don’t form naturally on planet earth, and that means the pyramid on Ceres may not be natural either. They have always been stories about aliens helping the ancient Egyptians build the pyramids. Most people laughed at that thought, but the discovery of this pyramid on Ceres may change the theory on how the pyramids were designed and who designed them.

Earth has had visitors from other planets. We just don’t have the proof we need to believe we are one stop on the alien freeway.

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