The Building Blocks of Success – Stephen P. Murray

In the beginning, there was a group called Chemical Venture Partners, who in 1984 founded a unit and named it Chemical Bank. Now in 1991, Chemical Bank merged with Manufacturers Hanover. In that same year, 1991, Manufacturers Hanover Capital Partners merged into Chemical Venture Partners. Then, not more than five years later Chemical Bank merged with Chase Manhattan Bank and in 1996 Chemical Ventures was renamed Chase Capital Partners. In the year 2000, just four years after that merger, Chase merged with JPMorgan and Chase Capital Partners was renamed JPMorgan Partners.

The JPMorgan Partners Global Investors fund closes in 2002 with a dedicated buyout of $5.4 billion and growth equity investments. Come 2006, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is established from the spin-out. Today CCMP is stronger than ever with a team of experts headed by Greg Brenneman, Chairman, President and CEO of CCMP. Managing Director and COO is the remarkable Timothy Walsh, Christopher Behrens and the well-known Doug Cahill, Jonathan Lynch, Kevin O’Brien and several others.

CCMP’s focus is growth equity investments in both North America and Europe. They have been known to take public companies private, private companies public and implement estate diversification solutions. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital was built on a solid foundation and continues to expand its growth pattern by helping developing businesses stay on track and improve their future growth.

When CCMP took its first breath in 2006, Stephen P. Murray was at the helm. Murray had been working for Manufacturers Hanover Corporation since 1989, shortly after graduation from college. He methodically moved up the ladder building his reputation as a brilliant financial genius. Murray a co-founder of CCMP Capital at the time of spinout diligently selected the best and brightest members to be on his team of experts as CCMP emerged a leader in equity investments. Murray created and molded the building blocks of the investment firm. He served on the board of many major companies, such as Aramark, Generac Power Systems, AMC Entertainment, The Vitamin Shoppe, and others improving the stability of these businesses. Countless staff and investors were extremely saddened by the passing of Stephen P. Murray on March 13, 2015. Stephen Murray passed away from illness and will be remembered by all who knew him and worked with him as a tremendous leader and friend.

CCMP Advisors continues to flourish with strong leadership in place. Stephen Murray’s contribution to businesses provided guidance is continuing their growth. Aramark announced Secondary Common Stock Offering in May 2015. Generac Power Systems announces a new IQ2000 Portable Generator release, AMC Entertainment continues to have a rich history of making history, and The Vitamin Shoppe is considering expanding their brand name.

All of this spells success and growth will continue through the building blocks expertise of CCMP and its staff.

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