The Boy Who Is Allergic to Christmas

While there are more than a fair share of people who don’t particularly care for the Christmas season, no one can really boast of actually being allergic to Christmas. One young boy, however, can actually claim this as a fact.

Almost two-years-old, Ryan Costello is allergic to Christmas. Not because of the ‘Jingle Bells Rock’ on repeat in all the shops and public places, but because this is the time of the year when most of the people stuff themselves with chocolate, products containing dairy, and alcohol.

Unusual, but the boy gets a red annoying rash only by touching another person who consumed dairy, eggs and some other ingredients from the basic menu. The condition was identified back when Ryan was a baby, because he was allergic to his mother’s breast milk.

The visitors are forbidden to approach if they have any traces of the allergy triggering products.

The rash appears only by touching someone’s hand by accident, as it happened in the most recent case. Despite the condition, the boy develops well, the parents said.

His health is constantly checked by the doctors, who are yes, also imposed to keep a vegan diet 24 hours before meeting the patient. Special thanks to Jared Haftel for filling us in on this strange story.

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