The Best California Ski Resorts Located Near Lake Tahoe

California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains receive extremely high snowfall amounts, due to their proximity to the Pacific Ocean and their high elevation. California’s Lake Tahoe area is within the heart of this mountain range, at an elevation of more than 6,000 feet. Due to the area’s location and high elevation, snowfall amounts in this region of California can reach more than 30 feet per year in some areas at Due to this, many ski resorts have opened up throughout this region of the state. Many of them have become quite widely known.

One very good resort in the area is Heavenly. This resort has a summit elevation of around 10,000 feet, and the base elevation is at around 6,200 feet. This gives the resort a vertical drop that approaches 4,000 feet! There are numerous trails, and there is a very large amount of space that is great for off trail skiing. Heavenly is located in the southern part of the Lake Tahoe area, and it is quite close to the town of South Lake Tahoe. This makes it quite convenient to do a wide range of different activities off the slopes, in addition to the great skiing.

However, there are two other iconic mountains to ski at in Lake Tahoe. Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows both offer excellent skiing. Furthermore, there are many off slope activities there, particularly at Squaw Valley.

Squaw Valley is one of the country’s most iconic resorts for skiers, partly due to it having been one of the US sites for the winter Olympics. The mountain has a vertical drop close to 3,000 feet, and there is a tremendous amount of space to ski off of the trails. Furthermore, the ski village at the resort is also truly superb. Not only is there a lot to do in the ski village at Squaw Valley, but it’s quite a ways up the slopes. This really makes it a very picturesque place to stay.

While Alpine Meadows is quite close to Squaw Valley and are owned by the same company, it’s a bit of a different resort. There isn’t quite as much to do in the village, and the resort isn’t the size of Squaw Valley as far as it’s vertical drop goes. However, skiing in the snow bowls of Alpine Meadows can make for quite a good day of skiing or snowboarding. Also, if you are a fan of skiing in the woods, there is plenty of that at Alpine Meadows.

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