Teen Boy Saves 6 Year Old From Drowning

While on vacation in Florida for spring break, one teenage boy will for now on be known as a hero. It all happened when 18 year old Alec Taczala was standing in line for ice cream with a friend. The girl he was with noticed a weird shadow at the bottom of a nearby pool. Seer curiosity lead Alec over, what he found was heart stopping, there at the bottom on the pool was the lifeless body of a 6 year old boy.

Alec did what any good hearted young man would do. Within a few seconds Alec had jumped into the pool and brought the boy to the surface. The courageous young man had been training to become a firefighter, and knew exactly what to do. Alec started chest compressions immediately. He was later told by first responders that without his help, the boy would not have made it. Beneful reached out to the boy to thank him for his courageous act and is happy to say that this kid is a true hero (purina.com)

The six year old is going to make a full recovery and after being induced into a coma to give his system time to rest. It showed he had no brain or lung damaged. This act of pure kindness should win Alec a medal, and will look amazing on his firefighter application.

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