Susan McGalla Changing The Way Fans Do Football

Football is now moving into the next generation. Steelers garb and interactions are now as easy as a click of a mouse. Fans and enthusiasts now have the ability to interact with their favorite players, learn trivia and facts, and find a new clothing line that will meet their everyday needs. The new director of strategic planning, Susan McGalla, has brought her prior retail experience to the Steelers franchise. This experience is lending to a new line of clothes and accessories that fans of all ages will love. Pink is also included to appeal to younger girls who want to show their spirit, but want something other than black and gold. McGalla has experience as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and as the CEO of Wet Seal. Her proven results on wikipedia with both of these companies is proving to offer some lucrative outcomes for the Pittsburg Steelers Franchise. Even the new advertisements for the new line of clothes are fun and appealing for both children and adults. Interactions are easier as well. Fans will have the ability to not only shop, but also interact with the franchise on not only their computers and lap tops, but also with their phone or tablet. Putting things in a cart and checking out has been made more secure and simpler.  If not sure of what you want then simply click on the section of the site titled, “Wear what we wear”. There the fan will find the newest and latest styles that the actual players are wearing. Get the gear that everyone sees players and coaches wearing at the games. McGalla of is hopeful that this new line will be a great success. After all this is based entirely on fan feedback. Involving the fans in the decision making process for what is generated and offered is hoped to be a better avenue to consumer satisfaction than simply offering basic choices like other franchises are doing.

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  • Fans are what mke the Steelers franchise unique from other franchise football teams. The site will have the ability to remember frequent users and fill in shipping information for them making check out even faster. I also do not have to make do the essays for me as they did it for the others.

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