Stray Monkey in Marseille Going Crazy After Eating Chocolate

Monkeys have garnered a reputation as one of the most strange and unique animals, and a recent incident shows just how this reputation has been earned in the animal kingdom.

Little did the children who fed a stray monkey with chocolate know. The animal became aggressive and scratched some of them. The police registered a huge number of calls about the monkey running amok on the streets of Marseille, France.

Fueledby the chocolate and the energy of the children who wanted to play with it, the macaque became overactive, and even though it is not the dangerous type of animals, it can be a real problem to deal with a restless monkey.

As the inhabitants of the region where the incident took place reported, the monkey belonged to a lover of exotic pets who either left it escape or simply did not want the pet any more. The animal was caught after shooting tranquilizers at it and stayed in the hands of the police for a while. Keith Mann is glad they dealt with the situation quickly enough.

The former owner will most likely be contacted and confronted with accusations of not taking care of the pet and endangering the Marseille inhabitants.

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