Splinter Cell Movie Getting a Rewrite

Changes Coming to the new Splinter Cell Movie

Adaptations from other forms of media are becoming increasingly common in Hollywood nowadays. From comic books to television shows to even video games, there is no shortage of material to adapt says James Dondero.

Ubisoft is doing the same thing that Marvel Studios is doing and beginning to adapt some of their own video games onto the big screen. One of its biggest game series, “Assassin’s Creed,” is being made into a movie and will star Michael Fassbender as the leading role, and the film is set to begin production in the fall of 2015.

“Splinter Cell,” another popular game series owned by Ubisoft, is also set to get a movie adaptation, since it is already in the process of pre-production. Names that are attached to the project include Tom Hardy, who is set to play the lead role of Sam Fisher, a special operations agent that conducts black ops missions in various locations across the world. The problem with the film is now there is another revision of the script going on, seeing as how screenwriter Frank John Hughes is writing a brand new script.

Past scripts were written by Eric Warren Singer and Sheldon Turner, but none have received credit just yet. There was also Doug Liman who had his own script, but had to quit the project.

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