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To reverse unhealthy waste management in as little as a few weeks is the goal. “The sooner, the better,” as they say. Toxic waste that accumulates in gross amounts is never a laughing matter, and if not prevented in time or reversed, the effects could be permanent or more long-term than expected. May such not be the case for beautiful Brazil.


Thankfully, Brazil’s governments have recently decided to make way for a more immediate, yet permanent, solution to end the matter once and for all. As such, Trata Brasil’s top leader, Carlos Edison, was asked about the new initiative and what this will mean for the future of Brazil: for its markets; for its toxicity and pollution levels; for its social, private and public sectors; and even for its relationship with other nations. Edison, as such, appeared to be more than willing and able to provide an answer to the many questions posed.


It appears that Trata Brasil and the larger Brazilian government are serious in their recent efforts to attempt even the impossible if it means cleaning up the country’s water supply. May they be successful. More details are to follow in upcoming months.


Felipe Montoro Jens, the interviewee, as a top analyst and expert on all infrastructural matters. He has is also a valid expert on wastewater management. He holds degrees in management and finances.


Jens also has worked in the public sector for many years and certainly knows how to find answers. As an experienced interviewee, he gets to the heart of the matter. In this recent interview with Carlos Edison, he found what he was looking for, and the results were no less than astounding. Brazil’s government plans to concede a partnership with its national banks to deal with economic and social developments for wastewater solutions.

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