Social Security Lessons From David Giertz

David Giertz is a widely known financial specialist and adviser. In a recent interview, he profoundly gave astounding directions and advice on among the best practices when it comes to issues relating to social security. Leveraging a study carried out by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, David posited that the findings of the study proved that a significant amount of individuals receive fewer retirement benefits than their anticipations. In addition, more folks wish that they could get reliable advice on social security.

Moreover, Giertz added that the research showed that there were minimal financial advisers who efficiently guided their clients on matters relating to social security, which is contrary to the critical expectations of the clients. As such, people have been making the wrong decisions, which have propagated individuals receiving their benefits earlier than usual and not comprehending the consequences. He added that a complete turn in practices would be very vital in helping push forward the agenda of providing better advice and lessons in this area.

David Giertz was born in April 1964. He received a formal education and has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Administration. As an expert in his area of specialization, Giertz has received many accolades and recognition from many people and institutions. He has proven to be an all-around, focused and wholly dedicated expert in his field of service. Throughout his career, David Giertz has risen from strength to strength and prosperity. He made his career debut at the Bank Channel as the sales vice president.

For some time, David Giertz served FI/WH as the vice president of sales. Currently, he serves at the Nationwide Financial Distributors as the senior vice president of distribution and sales. Giertz has served in the position for more than four years now. Moreover, he has been the president of Nationwide Financial Distributors, Inc. At the organization, David Giertz has proven his capabilities beyond doubt. As the president, he helped the company experience unprecedented success in the industry. He additionally works in various institutions in different capacities. David Giertz has throughout his career earned a wide array of skills as well as a far-reaching experience in the field of finance. As such, he has made a name for himself as among the most reliable financial advisors and directors.

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